Since 2002 showNtell has been working with brand owners to bring their products to the marketplace. Antony himself spent 15 years as the ‘Face’ of aerolatte. The worlds original milk frother. showNtell has demonstrated in the UK, Holland, USA, Canada and South Africa.

Today showntell offers its skills to other companies and individuals who have their own products but need help in promoting, demonstrating and selling them in the ‘direct sales’ area of shows, expos and markets.

Check the links below for our products you can buy now. 

Aerolatte stencil kit and free chocolate shaker.
Caffenu, the worlds original cleaning pod for your Nespresso type coffee manchine.

Antony is now also involved with branding two Farmers Market stands.



How Can we Help YOU!

If you have a product or service idea that you need help with, please contact Antony. There is no charge for an initial consultation.